Critical Infrastructure

Mission Critical Communications

Communications Systems:

Voice Communications System (VCS VoIP ED137), Recording, VHF, UHF, F.O., Radiolinks

Airport & Air Traffic Management:

Voice (VoIP ED137) Communications Networks, ATC Tower

 Maritime & Port Authorities:

Search and Rescue Coastal Surveillance, Port Authorities

 Security & Defence:

Public Safety Answering Points, Situational Awareness, Military Tower Solutions 


Intelligent Video Monitoring

Intelligent Video Monitoring Solutions


Effective wide area surveillance is a significant challenge. A traditional system using dozens of lowresolution cameras is not able to effectively cover a vast area. If operators have to scan through a large number of camera images, important things might go unnoticed. Installation and maintenance is also time-consuming and expensive with a traditional system. We provide an effective solution that can observe an area from a single viewpoint and solves many issues of wide area surveillance.


Object Classification, Geofencing, Situational Awareness, False Alarm Reduction, Target Tracking, Traffic Violation detection.


Critical infrastructure, Traffic Violation Detection, AIRPORTS (Airside augmented reality), BORDER Surveillance, SAFE & SMART City, STADIUM Surveillance

Primoco UAV ONE 150


At Primoco UAV, we recognized the need for a UAV designed for the civilian and governmental/military sectors. A UAV approved by regulatory authorities and licensed for military export if needed. A UAV with the endurance to fly for 15 hours and a 200 km radio range. A UAV that is built to take-off, perform and land autonomously. And to do it again the next day, and the next, reliably delivering real-time video and information capture. We took our enthusiasm for aviation and combined it with Czech engineering expertise and advanced production techniques. The UAV ONE 150 is flying real customer missions today. As a bonus, the direct costs of operating a Primoco UAV are 10% – 50% of the equivalent manned solution.

The Primoco UAV is built to be reliable. It can take off and land in daylight, at night and during poor weather conditions. And do it again, the following day and the following month. With a flight distance up to 2,000 km in a one mission, the Primoco UAV is a reliable platform for delivering real-time video and information capture. The UAV can be operated by remote control during each phase of the flight. Additionally, the integrated autopilot system means that it is capable of fully automatic take-off and landing and fully autonomous flight execution. Its short runway length of 300 meters provides customers the capability to execute aerial missions from remote locations and limited airport facilities. The Primoco UAV is the only choice where reliability matters.

What makes each of our planes unique, however, is the fact that each is supplied “made to measure”, i.e. made to meet the precise requirements of customers and the intended use. We can adapt the aircraft precisely to the task for which it was ordered by the client: this could mean working in agriculture, industry, energy, telecommunications, filming or searching for missing persons. The aircraft may have a single function or combine several – recording and monitoring the terrain using a camera taking still photographs or video images, perhaps conducting search and rescue missions with the help of infra-red cameras, right through to carrying highly sophisticated sensors. With Primoco UAVs, the customer can specify whatever equipment or technology they need.

  • 4.5 Hours of Autonomy/strong>
  • 30Kg max. takeoff weight
  • IP-56 / Dust and water resistant
  • Fully automatic
  • 10Kg. Payload
  • EMC protection
  • Encrypted DataLink
  • Multiple sensor capability
  • Recovery: Ballistic Parachute

The protection against salt water allows operations in maritime environments and makes it a machine for all types of environments. The rotor blades are specially protected against abrasion caused by dust and sand. All AirBoxer electronics are protected against electromagnetic interference.

Emergency Management

The most innovative communication channel between the caller and the caller

Emergency calls made from a smartphone allow modern and efficient management. FlagMii® EML is the out-of-the-box tool that improves call response times and quality with innovative mobile-based operation. And you don’t need an app!

With its multifunctional approach,FlagMii® EML is designed to become a single communication centre from which to perform all the operations of geolocalisation and dialogue with the caller.

The benefits are there for everyone. The call-taker does not have to switch between various, differing software and can manage the whole of the call more rapidly and without making mistakes. The control room can achieve a tangible saving in terms of installations. The caller benefits from high quality help even in the most complicated situations.

FlagMii® EML is a software for emergency control rooms entirely dedicated to management of incoming calls from smartphones.

Its purpose is to create an effective link between the person who is asking for help and the call-taker, which will enable activities such as:








The practical communication

and notification solution


 Use nowtice to send IT alerts, emergency messages and public warning


About the Mass Notification System

Using a professional communication system is the way that our customers prefer to send daily messages or alert notifications.

nowtice is used in industries such as healthcare, emergency response, manufacturing, utilities, transportations and government.

With the Notification System by nowtice, you can send messages and attachments at the touch of a button, disseminating alerts through not only SMS, Phone Calls and Emails, but also by Web Pages, Social Networks and  App Push Notifications.
All integrations are possible, including VMS Variable Message Signs and flashing warning signs.

Keep residents and visitors safe and informed

Reach thousands of citizens on any device, including push notifications and social networks


The public sector faces communication and citizen protection tasks on a daily basis. It is not only the case of , natural disasters, since informing the residents properly is also important for school closures, traffic changes and for all administrative tasks.


Citizens and visitors are numerous and use communication channels that are not at all homogeneous.
Thus, nowtice mass notification system sends messages on a large scale through all available means, including traditional SMS, telephone, email, but also push notifications via apps and social networks.



nowtice helps you react promptly to critical and unexpected events. The early warning functions and the predefined response models provide the highest speed and nullify the possibility of errors.




Interact with workforce and send communications to visitors and ordinary targets through the non-emergency messaging functions of the platform and the flexibility of customized groups and categories.



Implement a digital communication and engagement flow to improve efficiency and address logistical and operational needs. Nowtice can deliver your interaction flows through any channel and any device.