Technology and Society

Technology has always been at the service of society.

In recent decades we have witnessed the advancement and implementation of a multitude of technologies and devices in our daily lives, improving the quality of life in many aspects, simplifying tasks and improving the quality of services.



Who We Are

Nerus4 has been created to provide Confident Technology to critical infrastructures in new sustainable ways significantly enhancing the cost-benefit relation for its customers.


 About us

The Company Nerus4 has its foundation in the vast experience of its management team and partners in the supply and operation of mission critical infrastructures.

The services offered by Nerus4, span from consultancy to the design and supply of tailormade solutions in the areas of Airports and Air Traffic Management, Security and Emergencies, Maritime and Defense.

Following the company’s slogan “Confident technology“, Nerus4 always strives to supply its customers with solutions based on proven first-class products.

Following the principle of Confident Technology, Nerus4 only supplies its customers with proven, first class products.

To extend the benefits from those products for the users and the society, Nerus4 strives to apply new business models such as XaaS (X-Technology as a Service).



Leading technological innovation by introducing new products and Business models in organizations such as:
Port and Airport Authorities, Air Traffic Management, Security and Emergencies, Industry and Public Administrations, transforming their business towards higher efficiency.

XaaS (X-Technology as a Service): Smart, Simple, Scalable. With technology transforming at every turn, offering strategic and flexible solutions is vital to the sustainability and maintainability of complex systems and growing infrastructures.

Business Areas

Confident Technology

Airports and Air Traffic Management

Emergency Management and Civil Defense




Technology as a service

Quality Policy

Nerus 4 is aware of the importance of satisfying the needs of its clients, the requirements must comply in consulting and engineering services of critical infraestructures as well as advancing in continuous improvement, so that it is committed to:

  • Develop and implement the Quality Management System that guarantees compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Make continuous improvement of your work tool, establishing and periodically reviewing quality and medium objectives.
  • Comply with the legal/regulatory requirements of the consulting and engineering activity.
  • Promote the participation and responsibility of all company workers in the operation of the Quality System to ensure the quality of its products and processes.
  • Establish procedures and means to control the entire production process, from data collection to the delivery of documentation to the client.
  • Provide the company and its processes with the best human capital and the most resources necessary that the activity requires.

This policy is in line with the values of Nerus 4 and it must be known, understood and developed by all who are part of it. Its implementation is a fundamental objective of the Management and it is the responsibility of all its employees.

  • Consultancy and Technical advice
  • Business development
  • Design of solutions, Systems Engineering
  • Validation, Integration and Acceptance Tests

  • Supervision and control of the implementation of solutions
  • Specification of requirements for new systems
  • Evaluation of proposals submitted by the industry.
  • Supervision of the Development of CNS / ATM solutions.

  • Systems Integration Management.
  • Customization of solutions to the target market.
  • Training, documentation and technical support for the end customer / user.

AIRIA Engineering and Services and NERUS4 have signed a preferential collaboration agreement, in order to offer their clients a wider range of services

AIRIA is composed of a multidisciplinary team of high skilled professionals with wide experience in all the fields related to aviation and air transport, which will help you and your company in planning, defining and executing the right solutions.